Why Failure Free Reading?

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Reading Research's One Universal Research Fact

Reading is the most researched topic in education. Yet there is but one universal reading research fact. The fact is absolute. The fact has never failed, namely:

All reading programs work, but not for all students!

That’s correct. There has never been a published research study involving large numbers of students to show any reading program to be 100% effective. In short, all programs produce some failure for some students no matter how effective they are for the vast majority of students.
Dr.Lockavitch believes that there are actually three unique groups of students who fall under the low literacy umbrella. Each group needs a different approach. This is why Failure Free Reading was developed. To propel this lowest group up into the higher Tiers. Quite frankly, no other Level I program produces the speed and documentation of Failure Free Reading.
In Short...

Non-readers are different. Non-readers need different. Failure Free Reading provides this difference!

Methodology: Failure Free Reading is a highly-structured, non-phonic, language development program that directly teaches reading comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.

Failure Free Reading's is the first reading program to simultaneously control for three key instructional elements found to be essential for the reading success of non-readers of all ages and classifications:
Repetition: High-frequency academic words are explicitly taught using high rates of structured practice, in multiple meaning-based contexts.
Syntax: Initial story sentences are simple, active, positive, and declarative. No inverted phrases, dependent clauses, or negative, passive, interrogative sentences are used. All complex sentences found in the later stories are pre-taught.
Semantics: No prior knowledge is assumed. All content is age/developmentally appropriate and “culturally neutral”, with few multiple meaning words, idiomatic expressions or figurative speech.

Failure Free Reading curriculum is a combination of teaching, text and technology.

external image ttt-diagram.gif Failure Free’s multi-modal instruction is also uniquely engaging. Students used to years of failure learn “I can’t." The very first lesson restores the “I can!” attitude essential to all learning.